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From Everything.Sucks is an online travel agency for lodging reservations. It is owned and operated by and is the primary revenue source of United States-based Booking Holdings and is headquartered in Amsterdam.The website has over 28 million listings. The site is available in 43 languages.

Van expressed his outrage in this review, "WE WILL NEVER USE BOOKING.COM AGAIN! Very disappointed with how they deal with Covid situations. Feel like they partner with crooks and do as little as possible to help customers. No proper Complaint procedures. We booked our holiday to Greece long before Covid happened. One of the accommodation is in Naxos, Rita's Blue dreams, (turns out Rita's Blue Nightmares). Our flights to Greece in Aug was cancelled but she refused to budge, refuse to refund under circumstances, saying it is not her fault. Booking does nothing, merely exchanges the conversations between both sides. Is it even legal what they are doing under circumstances? Where can we possibly go to get our money back?"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"In accordance with the employee contract, I am legally unable to speak negatively about the company."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This person is lying in an attempt to discredit and delegitimize the voices of the many employees who have great experiences here. As a book company, our advice to this person would be to speak up for yourself -- and let others do the same!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You know present-day America and the government currently running it? Take from that what you will."

Clayton A. says

" misquoted the delivery date for a Christmas gift TWICE, and refused to cancel the order despite my asking them to on three occasions before the order was even shipped. On 12/15/20 Barnes & Noble quoted me a delivery date of 12/18/20 for the xmas gift. But the same day, about an hour after I placed the order, B&N notified me via email that the new delivery date for the item would be 12/31/20! (after Christmas) On 12/15/20 I contacted B&N via chat and asked to cancel the order. I was told the order cancellation request would be put in. On 12/22/20 I called Barnes & Noble customer support to check on the cancellation. I was told it could not be processed, despite the fact that the item had STILL not be shipped and my card had not yet been charged. 12/31/20 (the revised delivery date) came and went and the order STILL hadn't left the warehouse. On 01/04/21 I e-mailed Barnes & Noble and again asked that the order be cancelled as it was past Christmas, past the originally promised 12/18 delivery date, and now past the revised 12/31/20 delivery date and the item STILL hadn't been shipped nor had the card been charged. On 01/05/21 Barnes & Noble shipped the item, despite my asking them not to three times, as no one would be at the delivery address to accept the package anymore. On 01/09/21 I began a back and forth exchange of 12 e-mail messages trying to reason with the vendor. I explained that I can't physically return the book as no one is currently staying at the delivery address. I explained how many times I'd tried to get them to cancel it. I reiterated how they didn't honor the original or the revised delivery date, and how it's unreasonable to expect me to get on a plane and fly across the country to return the book. In all honesty, the book and packaging has now been outside for weeks, and I'm sure it's likely to have been destroyed by weather events. They still don't care and told me I need to physically return this likely destroyed book in another state. I even paid $7.99 for expedited shipping and they couldn't even bring themselves to refund that. Amazon refunded my ENTIRE order when it arrived late once. B&N isn't going to stay relevant in this online commerce space if they don't take care of their customers. Whatever loyalty they had will diminish, and they'll continue to close retail stores in-person sales continue to decline. Any shareholders out there take heed, as this is not a sustainable business model!"

relisem says

"Purchased two books online. One came defective and I decided to return both in store. Because I used a debit card via PayPal they said I could not return the books for anything other than store credit. I was not made aware of this as a stipulation at any point. Obviously there are many books available and I can find something else to buy but, That is not the point. I went to the store with intent to return for a full refund and was not allowed because I used PayPal. If Barnes and Noble offers PayPal as a payment option they should make purchasers well aware that if they were to do a return they are only able to receive store credit. I would have manually entered my card instead of using PayPal if I was made aware of this. Felt like others should know this stipulation. On top of that, the store manager was rude about it. Also, before I went to the store, I reached out to customer service about the damaged book I received and never heard back. Overall, terrible customer service from Barnes and Noble. I have no interest in shopping from them again as I feel my purchases and money are not protected. What a bummer and borderline scam."

Matt Anderson says

"Free Shipping they advertise is not true. Went to website and added 2 books that their site claimed qualify for free shipping. Website would not honor the free shipping even though both books were marked on their site as being eligible for it."

upsetting says

"I bought a book online and it was suppose to be brand new, of course. However, when I received the package one week later, the book I received had a folded cover and a dent, as well as two pages that were smudged with ink. The packaging and handling was very minimal, and there was no care into choosing a high quality book before packaging. I am so upset and it's frustrating because the book I ordered online is not available near me in stores. I've also read many reviews about how little care they put into packaging and others have received banged books as well. Such a big company and they cannot put in the time to serve their customers better. This is absolutely ridiculous. I would not have purchased online anyway if the book was available in store. Purchase someplace else like Amazon instead if you cannot go in person. Absolutely terrible."

Kris says

"Ordered a book in paperback that is in pre-order status until March 2021, although shipping says may get it by Jan13th. Customer Service says the order has already gone to the warehouse for shipping, so they cannot cancel it. Apparently the "warehouse" is a vault without phones or humans. I cannot even change the shipping address. I regret going back to B&N instead of just using Amazon."

Tad Beavers says

"Failed to notify me that my product was out of stock and wouldn't be shipping anywhere close to the expected delivery time. Was unable to give me any expected delivery date."

bronxparkbench says

"Purchased a book as brand new, paying full price. When it arrived, I noticed a printing error on several of the pages. I contacted the publisher and verified this. I returned the book. B&N did not place the cost of the return on me, which I am thankful. The problem, however, is that they tried to sell me a book as new that should have been discounted or not sold at all."

Cate Farris says

"11 hours ago I placed an online order, on 12/13, received confirmation of order and shipping. Received a shipping update, on 12/18, notifying me that the package would be delayed. Apparently, later, on 12/18, they sent another email saying the order had been CANCALED. Wth!? Of course, I didn’t see that email until 12/21! I called customer service and they had no explanation. No explanation!?!? Its too late to find another toy for my nephew. Very disappointing!"

Janie says

"What happens that barnes and nobles? I ordered a book at there store to have it t delivered to my son on 12/9/20. They never emailed me that it was can't on 12/12/20. I called customer service and there claiming I'm only getting $43.00 back when I spend $67.00. THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I have the membership but if this is how barnes and nobles do business and treat there customers by robbing them no thank you! I didn't get what I paid for! Beware since covid happened there just out for themselves it seems!"

Rennie says

"I used to love Barnes and Nobles it after what I have seen and heard tonight I will not be coming back in the future. The customer service was rude and they had lied about not having a book they actually had. I understand mistakes happen with the book, however what I witnessed tonight regarding a customer was disposable. Disappointment doesn't discribe my feelings."

B&N Non Customer says

"Due to mail delays this year due to COVID, I thought emailed gift certificates would be a good idea. Ordered electronic gift certificates and told my family I hoped they enjoyed them. They all notified me they had not received them. Was shocked because these are electronic gift certificates so just assumed they would get them instantaneously. I got on chat with Barnes & Noble and they told me to call this "Sales Audit" number. I asked why they couldn't help me and they were vague but said the order should have gone through. I asked chat person if they could cancel my order and they said no, I would need to talk to Sales Audit line. Got on hold with the Sales Audit line and waited a good hour with no idea for when my call would be answered when I saw there was an option to cancel my order online. Not sure why the chat customer service rep couldn't have mentioned that when I asked them to cancel the order. Cancelled and will never do business with B&N again. I thought I would avoid using Amazon this year but B&N is worse. Would not recommend. They seem like a sketchy company, which is surprising. I thought B&N were reputable. Who knew. Also, it was not an issue with my payment method, which Barnes and Noble used successfully about a month ago for a book purchase. It's their loss. I turned around and bought my family gift certificates with another company which they received instantly as expected. It was embarrassing explaining this absurd situation to my family and a huge waste of most of my Sunday."

Eliana Kashierski says

"I bought Las mil y una noches book a few months ago and it was a very bad surprise. The font size in the book was so small that I need a magnifying lenses to read it. I was so upset that I took the book back to the store but in the store they did not accept the book because I did order online even though in the receipt said that you can return to the closes store. So I had to call Barnes and noble office in order for them to send me a shipping label in order for me to send it back to their store. I will never ever recommend anybody to order books online from this store it was a very bad experience. I waist my money and gas trying to return this book. The store should said the size of the font so I don't have to waist my time and money."

RUMY says

"0 stars is all Barnes and Noble deserves for their horrible customer service. Don't order from them online. An item was left off my order. I called their support line to try to talk to a rep about it. The first time, the call was ended after I had waited 25 minutes. The second time, I waited 47 minutes and no one ever picked up. I sent them an email, but after a week and a half, I've still not received a reply. A company with this little regard for its customers doesn't deserve your business and they definitely won't get anymore of mine."

J L says

"I wish I had check this website before I ordered on barnes and noble website. If only I can give them 0 star. I bought a toy as a Christmas gift for full price only to find out that I got ripped off. The toy arrived in a torn box, did not work, and was obviously marked down to 50% off. I emailed them and had given them enough days to reply back, but they did not care enough about their customers to respond back. I also called them after not hearing from them, but had to wait forever and did not get anyone on the phone either. I tried to return the item in store only to get a store credit. I can return it by mail, but I would be responsible for the shipping. I would not buy from Barnes and Noble anymore. Worst customer service ever."

Pat Darden says

"Boycott these stores. They REQUIRE a mask in order to shop in their stores and buying online carries no guarantees of successful delivery or condition of merchandise. Customer service is lacking. They are going out of business and we should all be thankful. Management is a liberal idiot! BOYCOTT"

Heywood says

"Your website will not allow me to change billing details - the UK does not appear in the list of countries, so how can I buy for my grandchildren in New York?"

LOUISE Whitney says

"I ordered a book and was charged for it but have never received it Louise Whitney"

David M Bozarth says

"Sent a damaged vinyl LP. Attempt to return for replace/refund is a total disaster. Extremely poor or no communication, less than helpful personnel, unclear/incomplete directions. Just pray they get your order right."

HC says

"I ordered a Funko pop online. It came by the estimated delivery date, but the box was a little bit banged up."

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